I like to think I inherited my artistic skills from my Uncle Nathan. When I was little he painted me a scene from The Power Puff Girls and I admired it every day when I was younger. Throughout my years I always wanted to be as good as him one day. As he always said, “It takes time to do Zo..” and this portfolio shows that it really does take time to become a great artist. I love working with all different types of mediums and learning all of the new techniques, values, and art history really helps me learn old techniques of being an artist and doing this, I become a better artist every single day . Also it gets me away from the world for a little while.
In my piece “You Will Always Be My Sunshine”, barely any people knows what the meaning is of that piece. In 2014 I lost not only my Grandma but my best friend. When I was little she always would sing “You Are My Sunshine” to me and I can still hear her singing it ‘till this day. Of course with every death comes a funeral and my Grandpa decided he wanted there to be a bouquet from the grandkids, the florist had no idea that her favorite flower was a sunflower. Before the funeral we got to see all of the flowers and the grand kid's bouquet was made out of sunflowers. We couldn’t believe it. All of my other pieces have a story that you as an artist are supposed to make yourself, mostly the story jumps out and bites you right in the butt, but sometimes you just have to make one up.

Zfritz butterfly.jpg
Scatter Butterflies
Zfritz deer.jpg
Mystical Deer
Zfritz elephant.jpg
Crazy Zone
Zfritz leaf.jpgLeaves.edited sunflower for website.jpgYou Will Always Be My Sunshine
Curly Swirly
Zoe Fritz.jpgzfritz1.jpg

Best Of My Photography

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