Allison Baehr- Artist Statement
In the beginning of my senior year, I laid my whole portfolio out on the table and looked at it. When I did, both my teacher and my fellow students told me that my portfolio was too diverse and that all of the diversity was working against me. However, I disagree. In today’s world, it is important to adapt, so diversity is a must. My portfolio is diverse because the different sides of me are diverse. My art pieces in my portfolio represent different sides of myself, which is why every piece is so different. Each piece stands for a different side of me. My watercolor of flowers represents my girly side, and my color pencil of the floating lid represents the side of me that is strange and peculiar. Meanwhile, my painting of the cabin on the lake stands for my love of simple, beautiful and calming things. My art portfolio means a lot to me because it is me represented through the work.
When others look at my artwork, I want them to be able to relate to every piece in a different way. For instance, I want them to be able to look at my painting, The Cabin on the Lake, and be able to relate and say, “I have been there.” I also want people to be able to enjoy my work, as much as I enjoy creating it. They don’t have to think that my work is amazing, but if they can think of a couple things that they like about it, then I am happy.
Art for me is, and has always been, a passion of mine. Art is not just calming, but it helps me focus. Often, when I need to study, I will sit down and paint my nail or draw, and this will help me clear my mind enough that I can think and study. Having art class during the day also benefits me in a similar way. After having some tough classes, art is a break that helps me calm down. When I leave, I have a much clearer head and I am able to focus for the remainder of the day.
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