Artist StatementThe work I selected for my Art Portfolio had a lot to do with nature and real life objects. A lot of my work incorporates many aspects of nature and also putting real life objects into nature. Some have actual nature pictures incorporated in the drawing and some have a mixture of nature and realistic objects mixed together. Most of my pieces relate to thing same thing, nature, but some are out of the blue and something you wouldn’t expect. When I make art I mostly use watercolor to make to art feel more realistic. Most of my art has a deeper meaning behind them and always has something to say, weather good or bad, always something. When people see my art I hope they feel inspired to go out of there comfort zone and make art of their own. I hope people will, in a way, feel touched by some of my work and the meaning the pieces have behind them. With one of my pieces it incorporates what first looks like a tree. When you take a closure look you see that the tree is made out of words and the words go from having a really deep, sad meaning to happier meaning as the tree grows. So when you are sad you start off as all the deep words and you grow into something better. Art plays a very important role in my life. Art is way somebody can express how they are feeling without having to verbally say it. You can express mood, thought, angry and sadness all by just one piece of art. Art can speak in a way that words can’t and can express something that words can’t compare too. Art plays in important role in everybody life, mine especially. It is a way I can “talk” without even having to say a word. Art is a way that an artist can “speak to their drawing” and go out of there comfort zone to be creative.
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