To me, art is freedom. Within the art room, one is free to think outside the box, express his or her beliefs, and show the world how he or she views the world without being judged. The art room is a safe place where people are completely free to do whatever they want. There are no borders or limitations, besides the confines set by their own minds. Art is also a language. A language that everyone can understand, but in his or her own way. I like that a thousand people can be looking at the same piece of art and each person might see it in a completely different way. An artist can use his or her artwork to express how he or she feels about a certain subject or something that may have happened. I love being artistic because it really is an outlet for me. I appreciate art because it gives me a chance to freely express myself and out all of the chaos from my life onto paper.
I have used all sorts of materials and techniques in my art. Everything from graphite pencils to acrylic paint to collaging and more. I enjoy using different supplies because it is fun to experiment with different things and I like seeing how different techniques can completely change the mood of a work of art. I chose the pieces submitted to my portfolio because I am proud of them and feel that each piece conveys some sort of message. Each piece is a little different so I think my portfolio represents the different techniques I have learned to use since I started taking art. When others see my work, I hope that they feel all sorts of emotions, even if they are not the same ones I feel while looking at and making the piece. I also hope that viewers start asking questions and become curious. I want them to ask why the subjects of each work look sad or happy or wonder why things are the way they are.

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