Artist Statement
Growing up, I had a landscape painting on the little pink book shelf next to my bed. It was by a little-known artist, Vera P. Drumm, and reminded me of the movie, The Secret Garden. There was a little stone path through leading to a wooden barn that was surrounded by windy vines and flowers in full bloom. Being a self-admitted girly girl my whole life, I loved this painting, not only because all of the flowers were pink and purple, but because it looked like a truly serene place to be. Besides that, my grandmother had painted it.
I like to think that I inherited my love of art from my grandmother. I spent so much of my time at her house admiring her dozens of landscape paintings, promising myself that someday I would create things of equal beauty. Art, to me, is not only something that I love, it’s something that helps me remember my grandmother, and feel like I am at least carrying on a small part of her and what she loved.
It’s no secret that I love color, so I instantly fell in love with just about anything that involved bold color schemes. I hope that people are drawn into my pieces by the color, but their attention is retained by the messages that I am trying to bring into attention. I hope when people see my self-portrait, they can see my goofy personality and my love of simple pleasures. I hope that when someone looks at my “Welcome to High School” piece, they can see the anger, hurt, and desperation that myself and so many other young people feel as a result of bullying. Most importantly, I hope that everyone sees that there is always more to my pieces than can be seen at first glance.
I put my portfolio together knowing that I wasn’t going to put anything in that wasn’t exciting to look at. Since I love how color excites me, I put as much color in as possible. Also, I put pieces in that meant something to me. I think that a portfolio should tell you something about the artist, so if you’re looking at the surface of my portfolio, then you see that I hate smoking and bullying, I love bubbles, and I want to get married. If you go deeper however, I am a goofy teenage girl who loves to be bold and wants to take a chance at love, but I have been through pain too. Nothing should be taken at face value, just like me, and my portfolio.
Story of my life.jpg