Artist statement
Being perceived as a good artist by others has been a long term goal for me throughout my high school career. Being an athlete and an artist inspired me to draw most of things I draw. Bringing one of my talents and incorporating it into another is what makes drawing fun for me. I chose most of the work in my portfolio by thinking about what I really love and putting it down on paper, which are sports. My life pretty much revolves around sports, which is why it makes it so easy for me to draw things related to the sports I play and watch. When people look at my work, my hopes are that they will know that I am a diehard athlete, and also an artist committed to my work. Also my hope is that other athletes interested in art will be inspired by my work, and follow the same path as me. Another thing I hope people will see is that I put a lot of effort and time into every one of my pieces. One of my pieces I worked on for at least six months, which shows that I put a lot of thought into my pieces, and I don’t just nonchalantly put things onto paper. When I get to draw, it is almost like a safety valve for me. I get to escape from all my school work, and I get to draw whatever I want. Drawing is like meditation for me. Also, the fact that I draw, and enjoy art, it shows people around me that I have other talents, and I’m not just an athlete. Art gives me a talent, and more knowledge than a lot of my peers around me. If I didn’t have art, I would be lost because I would have no way of escaping all the stress I deal with in school, or at home, or in sports.
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