Art is not just another class one takes during his or her day at school. Art is a forty-two minute break from reality. It’s a time where any individual may express his or her inner most emotions on a piece of paper or canvas. It’s a place where one doesn't have to fight to be better than the next. In the art room, everyone thrives because art is subjective. Understanding that is the key to being a great artist. Personally as an artist, I have chosen to use vibrant colors in nearly all of my finished work. These colors help demonstrate my emotions behind the piece, but do not necessarily represent the emotions of the viewer. I believe these colors are vital to the piece due to the fact they add life to it. Without these colors, the piece lies flat.
I have chosen these few pieces to represent me in my portfolio because they all fit together as one piece. Just as puzzle pieces fit together. Each piece of work may have a different subject, but when together they form a new picture. All of my pieces flow together due to the fact each on contains a section filled with pulsating color. My portfolio is unique given the fact I have used various types of media. This includes color pencil, graphite pencil, pastel pencils, paint, and water color. Every piece is quite different from the next, but when standing together, the art work flows as if it were meant to be.
When my art work is seen I would like to evoke the viewer’s emotions. Each piece should stimulate a new emotion. I hope the viewer looks at my work and comes up with a story of his or her own. My work should communicate with the observer. If this is done, I can consider myself a successful artist.

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Mournful Heartbreak




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