When I first started taking art classes in junior high it was just for fun and a free class period. Plus it was mandatory to take an art class. As I got older I realized it’s so much then just fun. I have a way to express myself without using words. I don’t have to tell someone what’s going on in my life but show them instead in a drawing. Art is away for me to let people know what my interests are and what I’m into without me having to tell them. I draw or paint what means the world to me. Big cats, my family, friends and my dog mean something very important to me and I show that through my art. When people look at my art I want them to see my interest, my life in one simple drawing or painting. The artwork that I chose to be in my portfolio are the ones that really hold a special place in my heart. The pieces that came from the heart instead of an image I felt like drawing. People walking away from seeing my artwork will notice I love big cats or just animals in general. That’s why drawing is important to me.

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