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Artist Statement:
The pieces I selected for my portfolio show all of the styles and mediums I’ve tried over the years. I selected those pieces to show the wide range of things I’ve attempted and the progress I have made in search for preference in a medium. I’ve dabbled with watercolors, tried making texture with acrylic paints, learned about motion and energy with gesture drawings, tediously slaved tweaking frame after frame animating in flash, and discovered how to best utilize the characteristics of charcoal. I enjoy gesture drawings and watercolor paints. They can be high energy and a quick, fun way to express something; however, my overall favorite tool is a charcoal pencil. I find it the easiest medium for me to create realistic looking pieces.
When people view my work, I hope they view it how they want to see it. They do not need to know my intention behind the piece. Instead, I want the piece to evoke whatever emotions, thoughts, and memories come to the viewer’s mind without being told about the background or intended meaning of the project. I think it makes the work more personal to the viewer to let them find their own meaning in a piece of art before being told its intended meaning, if the viewer wishes to know its anticipated meaning at all.
Art plays an informal role in my life. I am generally not too strict with creating art. I will lesuirely make things and just enjoy the process of creating a project. It’s a way for me to relax or express myself when I feel inspired. I draw and doodle in a sketchbook to unwind. Sometimes I even mess around on Microsoft Paint and Windows Movie Maker, creating a brief animation. Many of my friends are also interested in art, and it is a way for me to connect with them. We show each other our creations and amazing pieces that we see online.
In conclusion, art is a way for me to relax, calm myself, express emotion, and connect with people. I hope my pieces will evoke emotion in people and inspire them so they can share a passion for art. -Sabrina Covey

Brotherly love



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Love Thy Neighbor

"Fight Fire With Fire"

Michomance ;)

Happy tree dragon ;)

Smokey Dragon

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"Man's Best Friend"




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Walt Disney

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