I wanted my Art Portfolio to embody and reflect two important elements in my life: New York City and fashion. For the longest time, I had aspirations of attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, hoping to become a famous designer and to showcase a clothing line that would be featured in Runway Magazine or Women's Wear Daily. I spent numerous hours sketching, perfecting dresses, poring over magazines, and attending sewing classes to absorb absolutely everything I could about fashion and to find a way to make a statement. I felt as though I could truly express myself through the various pieces of clothing that I designed, and I could literally taste my future by walking through fabric stores like Mood and by embracing the fast pace of life in New York City. Although my goals eventually changed from becoming a famous fashion designer to becoming an editor of a fashion magazine, I still long to live in New York City, the greatest city in the world, and to incorporate fashion into my career. When people view my work, I hope that they are able to vividly see my aspirations and that they are able to see my idea of what fashion is to me. Because my work is in various mediums, I hope it is also clear that fashion is so many things all at once and that my views on fashion are constantly evolving. My pieces truly reflect my experimentation and the elements of fashion that are important to me. Most importantly, though, I hope people are able to see me and to see how art has played a profound role in my life. Whenever I experienced a rough time or even if I was incredibly happy, I would turn to art, working furiously on my sewing machine and sketching with inspiration on my mood boards, canvases for my thoughts. I worked hard to buy the best-colored pencils and the top of the line sewing machine in preparation for my future and the rigors of the fashion world. Art and fashion have served as the constants in my life, and my life would be colorless without them.
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