Artist Statement
Emily Congelli
I chose the selected works that make up my portfolio because I personally believe they are my best pieces and I spent the most time on them. When people look at my work, I hope to inspire a myriad of feeling and emotions. I want them to take away whatever feelings they have from viewing my work, think on it, and develop their own opinion on why I did what I did. It makes the artwork that much more expressive when the audience can formulate their own hypothesis and give the work that much more depth and interpretation.
Starting from when I was little, I was always drawing. On my notes at school, a napkin in a restaurant, or just any scrap piece of paper. It was fun, entertaining, and allowed me to be the boss of what was created on that surface. As I got older, I got better, as anyone would expect, and went from scraggly, misshapen blob characters to more structured, fleshed out humanoids. Now obviously I wasn’t perfect, I was still young. I remember one time when I brought one of my doodles home from school to show my parents. I believe I was in second or third grade. I went right up to show my mom first, and like any mother of a small child, ogled and praised me for “doing such a good job”. Feeling great about the fifteen minute drawing, I went to show my father. He, on the other hand, wasn’t so impressed. For whatever reason, he had thought I traced the gangly people on the paper, and proceeded to lecture me on how that wasn’t considered work. As the tears sprang to my eyes, my mother came in and pointed out the faint structure lines underneath the colored in person, claiming that as proof that I had done it on my own. I take pride in my work, and I’m sure no one likes to be labeled as a cheater. To me, art is my form of expression, a way to see the world how I see it, and put it on paper. To bring it to life. It was always my stress reliever and saved me from boredom on so many occasions I can’t keep track anymore. It’s my key to the shackles of reality, and a part of who I am.
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Emily Congelli the 2nd.jpg
Emily Congelli the 3rd.jpg

Sargaarious by econgelli on Sketchfab

Future Helmet front.jpg
Helmet front.jpg
Tribal Alcolyte front.jpg
White Deviol.jpg

Deliverer of Darkness front.jpg


Blerpie by econgelli on Sketchfab



Merpie by econgelli on Sketchfab



Wepie by econgelli on Sketchfab