Artist Statement
Sarah Bril

I chose the pieces for my portfolio because I am convinced that they are the strongest works that I’ve done so far in my career as an artist,
and they display my ability’s the best. I am very proud of how hard I worked on them and I know that others will appreciate them as much or even more then I do.
When people see my portfolio selections I hope they feel many different emotions because different people look at art in different perspectives.
They should feel something completely different from the person standing next to them.
Because of that fact I hope they feel confused or sad and angry or happy, mellow etc.
I enjoy when people question the piece just knowing that they felt something when they looked at a piece of mine is an accomplishment in itself.
I want to inspire others to be creative and let their emotions out on paper and just see what happens, see what beautiful piece of art comes out of it.
Art if a big part of my life for many reasons. Art is a part of my life because sitting down and holding a pencil calms me down when I’m upset.
Art lets me express my emotions in a positive way, instead of keeping them all locked up inside me.
When I finally finish that one piece that I’ve been struggling with for so long and just wanting to give up on it right in the middle Art is a way for me to feel accomplished.
Art is a big part of my life because I can show others how talented I really am, and inspire them to be talented too.