Artist Statement
I don’t see my artwork having a hidden meaning; what I draw is what I want the viewer to see. The pieces I chose for my Art Portfolio were easy to pick. I simply chose the best pieces that I felt portrayed my message the clearest. I selected the drawings I did for my portfolio because I thought they were the best works of art I have done. My goal in art is to become a better renderer and really make things that I see look like what I draw on the paper. I have really worked hard on my technique when drawing and I often talk to other artists about our work in hopes to find something that each of us can improve on. Whether or its good critiquing or bad I would gladly listen to what someone’s opinion is of my artwork.

When people see my artwork I hope that they would react that I am a hardworking artist who is trying to come across with a straight forward message. I have worked on a project in class for about half the school year, I take my time and try to be a perfectionist in my work. I put a lot of effort into my pieces trying to make it the best possible piece I can. I hope as people look at my art they can be inspired by some ideas that I have.

When I draw my artwork it lets me get away from things, especially my schoolwork. Whenever I get drawing I feel like I could for hours on end. When I get working on a new piece of art and I really like my idea, art can be the class I look forward to most in my day. I use art to show off my talents, many of my friends and family have no idea that I even take an art class, but when they see some of my work and tell me how good they think it is a great feeling.
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