My portfolio this year is the culmination of my talents and my interests. Many, if not all of the pieces in my portfolio were chosen because I feel that they represent the best of my artistic abilities and my own personal attitudes. The foremost of these attitudes is my love for the wolf, which I feel must be protected and preserved for future generations. I currently have two wolf drawings in my portfolio, which I hope show off my love for the creature. Also in my portfolio are some of the head drawing s that I have done in class. These are in my portfolio because I feel that they show of my artistic acumen quite well, and also, because they were drawn from life. There are other objects drawn from life in my portfolio as well, such as my spike-horn skull drawing. Again, I believe that the life drawings show off my artistic skill, but they also seem to add to the natural feel overall of my portfolio. Most of the work in my portfolio tends to have a natural feel, from life, as in my wolves and my head drawings, to death, like my many skull drawings. This natural and somewhat organic motif is something I have worked hard to achieve in my portfolio.
In my life art has meant a lot to me. It has become my escape from reality when the stress starts to get to me. It also has become a “billboard” of my attitudes and feelings, and shows the world how I feel in a way that is pleasing to the eye, and in some cases, a less shocking or hurtful manner. I hope that my portfolio portrays my feelings towards art and the world, and that much of my art makes those who look at it really think. I feel that people should view my art with an open mind and leave thinking about the ideas and themes present in my art. I also hope that those who view my art can tell the time and effort that I have put into my drawings, as art is what takes up most of the time in my life. Over all, I hope that my portfolio is appreciated in general, even if those who see it do not see the themes, motifs, or even the overall effort that has gone into my pieces. Isn’t that what most artists want anyway?
"Breaking Free"


"Spikehorn Skull"


"Obong Head Drawing"


"Head Drawing: Girl"

"Lone Wolf and the Harvest Moon"