Welcome to my photography gallery! I started taking Mrs. Killmore's photography class in 10th grade and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it! It was new and exciting at the time and never thought it would teach me so much. The little things have the power to change the photo dramatically; whether it is the camera angle, how far away you are from the object, the camera your using, the lighting, etc. It made me look at things differently around me. One thing I learned throughout the three years I have taken photography was to take TONS of pictures. You will never get the perfect picture by just taking one photo. After I took the two photography courses through the school ( Photography I & II), Mrs. Killmore allowed me to continue to take photos in different art classes. Photography is a wonderful thing to learn about and it is a great skill to have. I will take the lessons I have learned and apply them later in my life.

Art, the expression or application of one’s creative skills or imagination, has become an important part of my life throughout my teenage years. Every person encounters some struggles sometime in their life; and the way a person reacts or copes with these struggles is different, depending on the person. In my high school, I was privileged to have the opportunity to take a photography class. This class not only made me look at photos in a different unique way, but it also made me look at objects differently too. I slowly learned that thinking outside of the box wasn’t weird but it was accepted in the art room. I find taking photos a hobby of mine because it takes my mind off of any problems in my life; and it lets me focus on the beauty of nature or things around me.
I selected these specific photos for my art portfolio because I think they serve as great examples of all the different elements that go into art work. I believe that color, tones, placement, lighting and depth of field are all demonstrated in my art. When people see my portfolio they seem to pick up on the leaf theme I have made, however I believe my artwork shows more than that. I think the beautiful fall colors capture many peoples’ eyes, but also show the delicate details many people may not have seen before on a leaf. I hope that people enjoy looking at my art but also take something away from it. I try to make something look beautiful regardless of the bias opinions attached to that object.
Two of my friends and fellow classmates, Chase Hunter and Corrina Petit, inspire me to work harder and to improve my photos. They are both wonderful photographers and I take that as a learning opportunity. I am very grateful to have the chance to look at their photos and learn from it; therefore applying some of those techniques to my work. Art , especially photography, has been an interest of mine and always will.

Below are some of the photos I have taken in high school.
DSC05650finalphoto.jpg Final Photo.jpg
DSC05184 final photo.jpg Hughes_A_8_Photography_Bleeding Hearts.jpg
Boots_FINAL.jpg Pine_Cones_FINAL.jpg
Printout_picture_2_new.jpg DSC00985.JPG

Printout_picture_1new.jpg Hiking_With_Dad007.jpg

DSC00954.JPG DSC00940.JPG
DSC_1059crop.jpg DSC_1059cropbw.jpg